gilded paris living

Ando-Studio completed the wondrous 3D interior design for the owners of this St Germain apartment in Paris, filled with gilded furniture, art pieces and glamorous objects – It is fancy, glamorous, it tickles, jazzy and polished, inspiring – MAGIC!

Magic, as it is their goal is to give Ando Studio Luxury Architecture visualization solutions, both internal and external simulations of interior renderings. Ando Studio offers its services to architects, interior designers, developers and any body who wants a high-quality imaging without compromise. The studio invests their best efforts to provide quality service and the highest level simulations.  


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the fisherman’s house

This renovated fisherman’s house in soft earth tones is located outside Copenhagen at the waters edge.

The owner Hélène Wagn a freelance journalist, with her son Lauritz, decided on the move out of town to be beside the sea and the nearby forest. Hélène envisaged the opportunity in this house, it having had been remodeled by past owner’s, which allowed her to visualise the space and re-think the layout. You will agree, it’s a lovely home with lovely lovely objects…

“I could immediately see that the house had some good opportunities to get to what I wanted, but it was actually the lovely little patio, I fell for. I missed to come back down to earth after many years on the 5th floor of the inner city. And this place feels like an intimate pocket to come home to,” says Hélène.

Clever Clever

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clever crackerjack

The evolution of recycled paper insects by clever crackerjacks,

Client: IGEPA
Creative director : Jim Van Raemdonck
Graphic Designers: Phoebe De Corte, Dries Caeckebeke
Assistents: Claar De Waele, Sil De Boeck
Making off: Ludovica Saccenti

images trendland via soon – creative branding