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images via 1. dustjacket-attic contemporary living, 2. design is mine donut inspiration, 3. style files features a small intimate balcony, 6. decor8 pretty, 7. Abbie Allen provides a John Lennon quote

36sqm living

The result is an apartment divided in two parts. One where everything is part of one structure, which is based on the Ikea kitchen units. Everything in this part is completely redone with electricity inside the walls and with all surfaces painted white in order to bring in and reflect light. Here all the functions are squeezed in on top of, in-between, under and inside each other. Bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe and storage are all one.

Swedish architect Karin Matz renovated the HB6B Home for herself – a space that had been used as a storage unit for 30 years. Matz decided to go for an unfinished look, choosing to leave the crumbling brick and peeling plaster walls exposed. She explains, “I wanted to keep some of this old feeling and atmosphere but at the same time do the new added parts properly and in my way. Therefore it became a clear division between the added and the existing.”

images courtesy yellowtrace via HB6B by Karin Matz // Stockholm, Sweden

sydney living

Here is a delicious splash of creative inspiration for the beginning of our week in sydney living.

As my quiet rebellion against mass production, I ensure that each piece is a one of a kind creation: something very personal for the user, lusciously tactile to the touch, highly textural by nature and meticulous in its construction. This is slow craft in its truest sense. My process is entirely self-taught and is underpinned by three great passions: my need for sensory feedback and my love of both texture and natural fibres Jacqueline Fink of Little Dandelion

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images dustjacket-attic via inside out. photography by michael wee

design out of copenhagen

I have a CRUSH, thanks to Victoria from sf girl by bay who has presented the crackerjack  furniture and lighting design of &tradition based out of Copenhagen. (WOW)… heavenly styling, meticulous contemporary design and we love a natural palette with accents of blush and mustard. In regard to the space directly above, there is nothing I would change, the whole caboodle, including the site location in which these photographs were taken – would be on my fanciful wish list..