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You may of noticed or not, birdsong has been quiet of late. My art practice is very busy at present. This past 6 weeks I have purposely not uploaded onto birdsong, I wanted to know the impact on my time, the feeling of new available head-space, increase in painting (?) and most importantly, would I miss birdsong.

What came to the forefront of my mind, the connection between kirsty warman art and birdsong. My drawings are now printed onto fabric and I have called that little homeware line birdsong. However, that connection touches on being cumbersome – I feel I need to clean house, certainly, in regard to my social media platforms.

Casually, I have missed sourcing good design to share with you.

kindly the george bernard shaw via unique viral, and knitted tree theatrics here.

small architectural poems

Matthias Jung describes his fantastical photographic collages as his ‘surreal houses’, liking them to ‘small architectural poems.’ The aftereffect of the hybridized arrangement of structures is an eccentric, not to mention outlandish home to lay your wary head. Clever creative (!)

brilliant x

via trendland

kitchen design SE

I like the look of this space. The white lines of the units opposed to the slight curvature of the stairway.

The lack of bench area may be an issue, I would perhaps have to add a small work block. Love the use under the stairs and the tartan patterned wallpaper, alongside the staples of the exposed brick and lovely polished dark floorboards.

via my scandinavian home. all photos – Entrance

göteborg, SE living

What is forever appealing about Scandinavian design and lifestyle – the pared back floor boards, the used, the up-cycled, the contemporary product and furniture design, the unflappable crispness of white to showcase art, textiles, style and the green thumb that is in abundance here.

The reflective surfaces are inspiring. Robust brick work with fancy lights. In fact, the kitchen is kind of perfect for our own kitchen renovation(!)

This is very cool – a few classic designs to shimmy the night away…

decordemon via alvhem makleri & interior

makoto azuma – ice flowers exhibition, tokyo

Artist Makoto Azuma explores the delicacy and loveliness of plants, flowers and bonsai arranging them in curious locations and startling contexts. Such as, ‘Ice Flowers’ his latest exhibition, in which, the flower bouquets are enveloped in a block of ice situated in a Tokyo warehouse.

“Flowers will show unique expressions that they do not display in everyday life, by being placed under such a different environment… Please enjoy how flowers and ice change themselves over time in the ruins far from human’s existence—it is an inorganic space that makes a vivid contrast with flowers.” – Makoto Azuma

via yellowtrace