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Penwald Drawings are a series of bilateral drawings in which Tony Orrico explores the use of his body as a tool of measurement to inscribe geometries through movement and course.

His choreographic gestures derive from the limitation of (or spontaneous navigation within) the sphere of his outstretched arms.

Line density becomes record of Orrico’s mental and physical sustain as he commits his focus to a greater concept of balance throughout extended durations of drawings.

The master of each drawing is a conceptual score of Orrico’s efficacious techniques, imposed variables, and specified durations or objectives.

- Tony Orrico

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sydney living

This Sydney apartment, located in Bondi is for SALE. There is a twist – a selection of fabulous local designers, artists and retailers were kindly asked to fill and style the spaces with furniture, lovely objects, textiles and artworks. A happy punter, can not only purchase the apartment, but, they have the opportunity to purchase all the beautiful design pieces and artworks too!

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images via 1. my scandinavian home stockholm living of an art director/ photographer, 2. digital painting by christian schloe, called the inner ocean, 3. the design chaser, swoon bathrooms, 4. line t. klein, feasting in france