the hero is concrete; long museum west bund, shanghai

Atelier Deshaus’s Long Museum West Bund stands as a four-storey testament to contemporary China’s increasing love-affair for all things art. Founded by art collectors Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei, this museum houses an eclectic collection ranging from ancient Chinese ceramics to contemporary western painting and is primarily focused on encouraging greater public awareness and engagement with the broader art world. With a concert hall, a library, a cafe, a public courtyard, a children’s exhibition space, a river-view restaurant, artefact restoration rooms and 16,000m2 of pure exhibition space heaven, this museum is attracting it’s fair share of public attention, artistic praise and crazy design love – text by Samuel-Dowleysmith.

Atelier Deshaus - long museum west bund shanghai

The gallery space looks enormous, exciting, brilliant –  note to self, when in Shanghai – spend an afternoon wandering throughout the cavernous galleries of concrete peering on wonderful and varied collections of artworks. Heaven. Kx

via yellowtrace.

photography © Su Shengliang and Xia Zhi.

to create

For sometime, I have considered having my black ink drawings printed onto fabric – but, where does one begin? There have been moments, where I have become unsteady by the sheer magnitude of a different medium of creativity (requesting a test print onto fabric, took an age). I acknowledge, I fumbled or a more suitable description perhaps, I was tentative – asking perpetually, where to from here? To that end, here is the first printed run of cushions with two of my black ink drawings printed onto the fabric. The little label attached to each cushion is simply Birdsong. To follow, after the festive season is dusted away, we will flippantly experiment with the inks and fabrics!

GWPimg_0814 GWPimg_0818GWPimg_9889GWPimg_0794 GWPimg_0805



ms charming, 2014. black ink on paper, 297 x 420 mm


it’s a risky business, 2014. black ink on paper, 297 x 420 mm

drawings via kirsty warman art

swedish living

Lighting is a magical ingredient; in this apartment, there is an abundance of natural light alongside brilliant lighting design. Clever crisp lines abreast eclectic touches. There is a woolen throw to highlight that we love the slow craft of chunky knitting…


sarah bergman’s studio space

This and what is to follow is the working studio of Sarah Bergman. For those of you, who are not familiar, Bergman is an illustrator, with many children’s book to her credit and she is one of the clever creatives behind the stylist/photo agency called Love Warriors. Further, on occasions throughout the year Sarah opens up this wondrous studio space as a pop-up shop filled with her flea-market finds, objects she has crafted or exquisitely illustrated. This inspiring space, dwells in multitudes of possibilities – happy week creating!

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